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Gluten-free restaurant in Middelburg

Gluten-free food in Middelburg? At vegetable restaurant The Green Room, in the center of town, you've come to the right place. Eating out with a gluten-free diet can be a challenge, but not at The Green Room! To us it is important to serve everyone a delicious meal, with and without gluten.

In our restaurant it is all about fresh, unprocessed and local food - which is why we work with organic local products as much as possible. We make delicious gluten-free dishes from vegetables, but we also regularly have gluten-free meat and fish dishes. There is plenty of choice, so that anyone with a gluten-free diet can also indulge in our restaurant. Looking for vegetarian or vegan dishes? You don't need to look any further, for the vegetarians and vegans among us there is also plenty to chose from!

Gluten-free restaurant

It is not self-evident that restaurants serve gluten-free dishes, but at The Green Room in Middelburg we think this is very important and we take extra care in our kitchen.

Whether you want to come for lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee with a delicious pastry, it's all possible! Our lunch and dinner menus include various gluten-free options, such as gluten-free pasta, salads, mini bites and pies. Our menu changes every 6 to 8 weeks, so let us surprise you again the next time.

Come enjoy a gluten-free diner at The Green Room in Middelburg!

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