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Your dog is also welcome at WOOD!

We are happy to roll out the red carpet for both you and your four-legged friend.

Pampering at its best:

For €19.50 per night, we make sure you are both pampered: refreshing water, tasty dog biscuits and, of course, a comfortable dog-box bed.

For those who prefer to relax without dog's paws, no worries: the rooms where dogs are allowed are mainly in the basement. And it won't be a dog fest, with a maximum of one dog per room. And yes, we have a few rules to keep everything relaxed:


  • Dogs do not relax in public spots like the restaurant, lounge, reading area or halls.
  • Specific rooms in the basement are the dog hangouts.
  • Citylofts are dog-free zones.
  • Dogs do not claim the hotel beds, furniture or bathroom as their kingdom.
  • Do not leave your buddy solo in the room when you go out.
  • For any 'oops' moments (read: damage), the owners are the heroes of the day, in other words the owner is liable for any damage
  • In case of non-stop concerts by your dog, we reserve the right to schedule a time-out.
  • Come in fresh and dry with your dog.

Book together?

Just call 0118 724 801 or send an email if you want to come along with your furry friend. Then we'll catch you up on the ins & outs and availability.

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