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Meetings in Middelburg

Change of food makes us eat, we all know that. But just as well change of environment does wonders for thinking, imagining and acting. Our meeting rooms are the perfect place to learn and work together in peace and quiet. And to set up trees about the future, of course!

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Meeting, meeting or conference

To support the meeting we offer two meeting packages. However, we like to think along with you about what your meeting specifically needs. That one snack or healthy meal or that special setup of tables and chairs? There is always more possible than you think.

Would you like to organize a small-scale meeting in the library, with some goodies to go with it? Ask us about the possibilities and the hourly rate.

Meeting Room 'De Houtzagerij'

In the Houtzagerij (5m x 10m) you have all the freedom to determine the ideal set-up. A U-shape or a square layout? Or a theater or school bench setup? We are happy to prepare everything according to your wishes. Also handy: the chairs are stackable, so if you need a few extra, they are always at hand.

The maximum capacity of de Houtzagerij is between 16 and 20 people*.

* As long as the ''one and a half meter society'' applies, there can be a maximum of 12 people in the room.

Meeting Room 'De Leerlooierij'

De Leerlooierij (4m x 10m) is slightly smaller than de Houtzagerij. Also a little more cosy and luxurious: spacious oak tables, wonderfully soft and colorful but ergonomic chairs.

The maximum capacity of de Leerlooierij is between 12 and 16 persons*.
* As long as the ''one and a half meter society'' applies, there can be a maximum of 12 people in the room.

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Meeting packages at Cityhotel Wood

Cityhotel Wood offers two different meeting packages. Ideal if you need a half or full day to meet, have a conversation, spar or brainstorm. But our location is also extremely suitable for a multi-day meeting.

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