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From Cityhotel Wood in Middelburg

The hotel is located at the address "Achter de Houttuinen" and that already gives a hint of the past of this place. Cityhotel Wood is located near the bend in the stately Middelburg Binnengracht. More than a hundred years ago, a flourishing sawmill company was located here.

In the centre of Middelburg

Woodyard' is an old-fashioned word for a storage place for wood. The wood could easily be brought and taken away by barge from elsewhere on the island and in the provinces. The street names of surrounding streets, such as the Domburgs Schuitvlot (or: the raft or landing stage for barges from Domburg), remind us of this. The Albers timber trade consisted of an office building and a sawmill. The company focused on two activities: trading and sawing wood.
You can read more about the timber trade and its history on the website of Zeeuwse Ankers.

In previous years, the site was home to Scoop, the Zeeuws Institute for Social and Cultural Development. It is now the home of WOOD. Even though we do everything in our power to keep history alive, like in our name to begin with.

Wood 1 Houtzagerij verkleind

Wood it is

Wood is a recurrent theme in Cityhotel Wood.
It begins when you climb the stairs where the large wooden WOOD letters adorn the walls. But also inside the hotel and restaurant, the wood and green tones stand out!
Wooden signs, made by Marijn Kluijfhout, are used to indicate hotel rooms and other areas.

Receptie Wood entree Floor moswand 34 Wood The Green Room 213 Wood The Green Room 159 Wood The Green Room 193

Meeting rooms in Cityhotel Wood

The history of this place is also reflected in our conference rooms. In the "Houtzagerij" and "Leerlooierij" rooms, these themes have been incorporated. The works of art in these rooms by Lisette Huizenga subtly incorporate the past.

20210115 163025 Leerlooierij midden2 Wood The Green Room 96

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