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Since March 2020, our world has changed, these are uncertain times. At WOOD, we put the health of all of us above everything else. At the same time, we continue to investigate how we can contribute to as much zest for life and joy as possible.

In July 2000 we opened our hotel. During the construction of our hotel, we took a good look at the sustainability of the building. We have also made our choices carefully when it comes to furnishing. In our search for a contribution to clean air, we at city hotel WOOD opted for air purifier Vairus.

This special time accelerates innovations and the Vairus air purifier is a textbook example of smart new technology. Vairus is an innovative air purifier that purifies bacteria, viruses, fungi and bad smells based on photo catalysis, a powerful technique without ozone emissions. The UV-A light used in the air purifier is harmless to humans, unlike the often used UV-C light.

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Cleaning of bacteria and viruses

Vairus cleans bacteria, viruses and countless other air pollutants and germs down to the Nano molecule so that the air is purified up to 99.94%.

Hotel rooms

With Vairus in our hotel rooms, we pay extra attention to your safety. You can now relax and sleep even better by enjoying the ultimate clean air in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

In a number of hotel rooms you can enjoy clean and healthy air from Vairus. The air purification system is currently available in two Deluxe Fig rooms and in the Loft with Jacuzzi. You can recognize the rooms where the air is cleaned with Vairus by the information standard in the hotel room.

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