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A wet suit

Water is always close in Zeeland! Because, did you know, no less than 39% of the province consists of water?

You can find an endless variation of water sports options here. Sailing, boating, surfing, diving, and paddle boarding. Zeeland is ideal for these water sports. Enjoy in and on the water!

Rent a boat on the Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is a top destination for water sports enthusiasts. It is a brackish lake, between the Oosterschelde and the North Sea. It separates North-Beveland from South-Beveland and Walcheren.

Rent a boat on the Veerse Meer

You can find various renting companies at the Veerse Meer. Cosy, just the two of you, or a day of sailing, with the whole family. Whether you want to enjoy a day sailing in a beautiful and equipped sloop or want to be more sporty, with a sailboat; all of this is possible. Many boats can also be sailed without a navigation license. There are many little islands on the Veerse Meer. Ideal for picnics, to moor for a quick dive or a barbecue.

Paddle boarding; stand up paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has gained popularity in recent years. It is quite simple, and it does not require a lot of wind, which is a requirement with surfing. You can make it as difficult as you want. From a relaxing round of paddling to going in search of the waves in the surf, for a bit more of a challenge. At Surf school Veerse Dam they provide lessons for beginners and advanced surfers; you can even make it a real journey. The SUP YOGA lessons that they offer are also fun. The exercises are performed on a calm piece of water, under guidance of a yoga instructor.
You can also turn to Surf school Veerse Dam for sailing, surfing, and catamaran lessons. You can even rent the materials for the various water sports.

Canoeing on the Veerse Meer

Grab the paddles and hop from island to island. Canoeing is great by yourself, but even greater with family, friends, or colleagues. You can easily take all kinds of things with you in a canoe. Ideal for a picnic somewhere on an island. There are various renting options at Kanoa Outdoor Events. Except for canoes, you can also rent kayaks, paddle boats and paddle boards here.

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And more…

Obviously, the waters in Zeeland are mostly also suitable for just splashing and swimming. What beats a refreshing dip on a hot summer day?

Zeeland is also popular with shore and boat anglers. At the North Sea coast, but also the Ooster and Westerschelde and Grevelingenmeer there are beautiful fishing spots. For recreational and sports anglers!

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